Update from Jenny Carroll working with OAC in Reading

I’m loving my training and work with OAC ministries here in Reading. At the moment I’m doing quite a lot of travelling, spending time with more experienced evangelists and taking part in various street outreaches, watching and learning from school assemblies and various other things such as Southampton University Events Week.

I’m already preaching on the street with a sketchboard, and within two weeks it will be my turn to take a primary school assembly … or maybe two or three!

Each time I head out to the street there is that feeling of “What if nobody stops to listen?” … but each time people do. Sometimes they leave when I begin to speak of Jesus … but I’ve noticed that more often that is just what makes them stop to listen: clearly God is at work! The need for salvation is not only very real, but often it’s also felt, and the gospel really is good news.

Next week I’m in London for most of the week, the following week is Plymouth, and a few weeks later Bridlington in Yorkshire … which apparently is next to the sea … and also has marauding seagulls which love to dive-bomb evangelists!

In between all of that there is a mixture of the more mundane administrational side of the work and getting out on the street and in a school in Reading to share the gospel.

The motto of OAC is “Presenting Christ By All Means Everywhere” and while I haven’t used every possible means or been to every place it is still a pretty good description of the work.

A big thank you to Toby’s Fund for supporting me in this work of the Lord!

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