Update from Jenny Carroll (In Zambia!)

What do you do when you are tring to wash in a grass walled shower in Zambia but you find that the water brought for your “shower” has been heated very zealously to 90 degrees and there is no other water to cool it down??!! This was one of the minor challenges of my recent mission trip to Zambia…  but the challenges are nothing compared to the joy of seeing so many people coming to know Jesus…


Our team of 10 arrived in to Lusaka Saturday morning and met Pastor Richwell who organises the ministry there and his family. We then headed out to evangelise the neighbourhood. My Swahili came in useful as I could understand some bits of the local Nyanja language  and we had good opportunities to witness, encourage, pray and lead people to the Lord. At one point I started talking to one family and ended up preaching and praying with about 40 women and children!

Next day it was adult Sunday school, church, kids (33 committed their lives to Christ) and then I found myself with about an hour and a half to speak to around 60 teenagers with less than 15 minutes to prepare! Needless to say the Lord made it possible, and enjoyable, and many youth gave themselves to follow Christ wholeheartedly.


Monday we spent the whole day travelling South West to Sianyuka where we had an amazing welcome, being literally lifted off the bus and twirled around! The team taught various groupings of adults, youth and children in the day time. Outstanding to me was a youth meeting where every young man answered the call to fight on the Lord’s side, and probably the oldest lady I met in Zambia receiving Christ. At the evening meetings many responded and were prayed with individually, although we didn’t always know what they wanted prayer for! We were also able to give out many Bibles, which were received with great rejoicing. For many of us this was our favourite place. We were reluctant to leave!


We arrived at Nachibanga on Thursday. Home visits the next day proved very fruitful. My team visited three homes belonging to the wives of one man. At each there were unanimous responses. Jennifer (below) was saved at the first house. She came out to church on Sunday.


In Nachibanga there was a kids group and adult groups but one day the Lord gave me a message to prepare for a youth group despite it not existing! The next day a youth group was created and I was asked to speak with no time to prepare: but praise God the message was ready! In one meeting the interpreter’s brother was saved, and he too came to church and received a Bible.

A zero notice invitation to every classroom of the primary school at the same time (I got about 60 kids to teach!) saw many children saved. We also ministered in a nearby high school on the last day, and prayed with many students.

 Thanks For Praying

I’d like to say a big thank you to all who prayed: the Lord did over and above as usual! And of course thank you to Toby’s Fund for supporting me in this work of the Lord!IMG_9900

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